Title The Swiss model of democracy

The best way to democratize society is to allow citizens greater democratic involvement. The Swiss model of semi-direct democracy is a reference in the world, and Luxembourg would benefit many to move towards this type of democracy. The model of representative democracy, currently in place, only allows to elect representatives on the basis of their proposals on the situation during the elections. If then, the situation changes when citizens no longer have the opportunity to influence the decisions of their representatives, who sometimes find their inspiration in the ideological references of their party and not always with citizens. The use of the referendum does not exist in Luxembourg and the international situation is changing rapidly and that some choices must be made, including reforms that will be necessary sooner or later, or on European issues as TSCG treaty or MES. Remember initiatives "vir 5 12" and "2030.lu" which show the desire and interest of citizens to participate in the debate but also to bring new ideas. The proposal to move to a semi-direct democracy in Switzerland is not a questioning of the role of elected officials, but a way of involving citizens in the democratic life of their country.