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Get people “used” to common transport

I reckon that there is no strong will by the government to implement free public transportation, which is a pity. Nevertheless I would like to suggest something similar but less costly: to maintain the fare fees and to introduce an incentive program to get people “used” to common transport means. This could take the form e.g. via a one time distribution of one free annual transport pass per capita. I really hated taking the bus, due to flexibility issues, overcrowdings, and other lame excuses one comes up with to justify a car ride. At work, we were however recently offered an initial free of charge annual ticket, in order to boost the future use of M-passes. Acknowledging that I have to reduce my carbon footprint, I accepted the offer (which implies the withdrawal of the right to use the internal parking lots ;). Taking the bus the first 3 months was horrible, but now it has turned into a real pleasure and relief! There a lot of co-workers who experienced the same, and we are perfectly willing to keep taking public transportations and to pay our future shares on the M-Passes. Not everybody has the privilege to be triggered like this by their employer. Therefore I suggest that the government should step in to get the, a bit spoiled, Luxembourg population acquainted to the perks of common transports via an incentive programme as mentioned above.


BTW, I’m “Stacklëtzebuerger” but disgusted by people who boast the use of our language without being able to write it correctly. Having some small orthographic problems too, and to show that we are not all that narrow-minded, I chose to write this contribution in the language of our business place.



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