Title Dual training in a company for young

Many young non-residents are hired each year, while younger residents looking for work. The main reasons are often a higher level of training and moderate wage demands. Wage demands of young residents are sometimes higher, but without offering higher productivity. It is therefore important to consider, for certain professions that young residents can train alternately in a company to be more productive when they enter the labor market, and thus to justify better pay more relationship with the cost of living in the country. I have personally been the guardian of industrial engineers in training courses of 3 years, and the result was more than excellent, both for the employer and the employee. Young residents should also reconsider their professional ambition beyond a career in the state because, whatever one may say or think, the state will sooner or later take a reduction in spending while increasing its effectiveness. They must, therefore, be aware of the importance of their curriculum. In particular, if we consider that careers will increasingly resemble a succession of professional experience, punctuated by ups and downs.