Title The teaching of Luxembourg in early childhood

How the issue of languages ​​an asset to the country and not a barrier? Migration we have in Luxembourg we are a very diverse student population. This question deserves to be dug and must find an answer in our education system. Indeed, one of the keys is in the teaching of Luxembourg in early childhood. The first contact with our language is for children from families of foreign nationals at the preschool level. So I think it is necessary to develop programs that allow young children to learn Luxembourgish. This will enable children in their transition to primary school not to be disadvantaged compared to students Luxembourg. I also believe that we must be more attentive to the specific needs of students and the advance individually. We can not put our children in the same mold and we expect them to come out of our school system well formatted (not necessarily well-formed) with more or less the same level. (Response to the Questionnaire of the thematic workshop on April 13, Claude Meisch)