Title Concept "Bunn Bus" or "RER" by Georges Schummer

The concept Bunn Bus or RER George Schummer is essential for improving public transport. This concept is documented on the following sites and www.busbunn.net www.rer.lu Highlights * Improved rail network - which serves as a high capacity backbone - extended to the city center and the Kirchberg Airport - 16 stations on the territory of the city of Luxembourg and around (partially existing) - There would be a station in almost all districts of the city and surroundings, or at least nearby. - Journey partially in tunnels * very important improvement of the bus network in the city of Luxembourg who is in charge of the fine distribution in all quarties city. Today all lines must pass through the Aldringen center and the central station and therefore the bottleneck that is the avenue of Liberty. With the concept Bunn Bus Bus lines must pass through a station quelqconque train lines. Benefits - Minimum changes conveyance - well above the proposed tram government capacity. - Do not consume virtually no space which remains available for circulation for cars, buses, bicycles, pedestrians and green spaces. Disadvantages of the proposed tram government - insufficient capacity tram (max + - 9000 / hours and direction) for + - 150 000 people who come to work every day in Luxembourg city and surrounding area. - Gain compared to almost zero existing bus. Especially considering that pourait more easily improve the bus network by reserving two tracks (one in each direction) on the main roads as is planned for the tram. - Loss of time on the ride because a tram stop + - every 500 m (13 stops from the central station to the end of Kirchberg). - Concept based on a large number of changes in transportation (the peripheral stations, bus and tram to tram to bus). - In a first phase, the tram serves only a small part of the city and surroundings (travel 7.2 km away). It is uncertain if the extensions are achievable and achieved. - We reserve two tracks (one in each direction) for the tram on a stone bridge and main avenues of the city. The tram at a rate of 3 minutes will be given priority at intersections. This will create bottlenecks for individual transport and greatly reduce personal mobility. This strong reduction of personal mobility combined with a very modest improvement in public transport will result in a deterioration of mobility. - We reserve two tracks (one in each direction) for the tram on a stone main avenues of the city. This space planners fail for soft mobility (trips on foot or by bicycle) and green bands. - This is already the fourth tram project. Previous projects were rejected because they were not feasible and / or the gain was enough to justify the investment. The current project will probably be rejected for these two reasons. The main effect of successive drafts of the tram was to delay the implementation of the concept Bunn-Bus is by far the best solution for mobility in and around Luxembourg City.