Title ECORAIL: the future of mobility

Luxembourg moves: ECORAIL, the mobility of the future situation in Luxembourg is the following: • Competitiveness stagnant economy • Long period of major projects • Dependence expertise Border • Increased mobility costs • Externalities negative due to traffic and road accidents • Risk of flooding on the A4 (highway between Esch-sur-Alzette and Luxembourg City), particularly due to the relocation of the University of Luxembourg and other institutions • CO2 footprint and energy consumption high (per capita) The ECORAIL Infrastructure Project (Monorail linking Esch-sur-Alzette Luxembourg City) can help to address these challenges. • Project feasible in the short or medium term (no need to resort to expropriation) • Program conditions for the construction sector • Expanding economic zone between Luxembourg City and Esch • flagship project with radiation beyond the great • Securing the region border mobility as innovative factor in economic development • Public Consent for a direct connection between Luxembourg and Esch (decongesting traffic and parking - fast, safe and comfortable), including the university and the city of Luxembourg • Belval sustainable, ecological and silent • Will part of a transport company Some highlights: The ECORAIL is a modern means of transport requiring only two lines of rail on track. : • It will be built on the central band of the A4 motorway (the use of existing infrastructure) • The connected to a system of P + R • Possibility of a safe traffic stops without driver • Average points inexpensive transportation and low CO2 emissions • The ECORAIL is equipped to transport disabled and families with small children (transport wheelchairs, strollers and bicycles) For further information, please see the attached document