Title Let PROPAGANDA, which is not innocent Advertising.

Let PROPAGANDA, which is not innocent Advertising. Example: C.omme S. 'V.oulaient they set themselves up as Institution (I almost said in Sham), (representatives of) a party poses on the cover of its publication on "their" balance sheet as if they were the owners of a public building. This building, the Chamber of Deputies, is nothing more than a symbol of the place where the people ALL sends its representatives, not just a minority. C. ike If this minority aV. has still not understood that times have changed. If parties do not have the COURAGE they claim, that pose to their own places, nor CLAIRVOYANCE they claim, that of seeing that to be respected, we must begin by respecting (and above the national symbols ), it's a safe bet that they confuse with VOLUNTARY proactive. C.omme S. 'V.oulaient they continue their routine ... weisenik