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English - A world-leading language

In Luxembourg Science, math and IT are being taught in French; in the business world you need to do your math, science and IT in English, because that’s the language in which they are done. So why don’t we teach those subjects in the language in which they will have to speak in their professional career. (Participant – Workshop du 13 avril)


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Education dans les classes secondaires

Franséisch sprooch soll as Friemsprooch geléiert gin mat verbindleche Vokabelslëschter. Am Secondaire Englesch spéitsten op 7ème aféieren an eng kloer Trennung zweschen Sprooch and Literaturstonnen an desweideren fir déi schwach Schüler am franséischen respectiv schwach am daitschen renforcéiert Modulen ubidden.
L’enseignement de la langue française en tant que langue étrangère avec des listes de vocabulaire obligatoires.... more »


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